Specific Requirements for
Graduate Program in Homeland Security

Students must complete 30 units of coursework in an officially approved course of study as outlined in the five sections below. Students must earn a minimum grade point average of B (3.0) in the master's program and no less than a C in each course. Students may meet the culminating experience requirement through Plan A by completing H SEC 799A or through Plan B by completing H SEC 790 and successfully passing a comprehensive examination.

30 units Graduate Program
12 units Core Courses     (3 units each course)
6 units Homeland Security Electives     (consult program adviser)
6 units Non-Homeland Security Electives     (consult program adviser)
3 units Study Abroad     (consult program adviser)

All homeland security graduate students are required to complete a homeland security-related study abroad experience. To meet this requirement, students must complete one of the following with the pre-approved and written consent of the program adviser:

  • Homeland Security Study Abroad
  • Border Security: The Case of Mexico
  • A CSU Study Abroad Program
  • An SDSU Exchange Program
  • An SDSU Semester Abroad Program
  • An SDSU Travel Study Program
  • A homeland security practicum, special topics, special study, or research conducted abroad.
3 units Thesis/Project or Examination

Plan A: Thesis or Project

H SEC 799A - Thesis/Project  Need to get Committee Form to establish Committee, work with Committee and especially Chair for the research effort and writing it up, present it orally before the committee after it has been submitted to the entire committee for review.  Normally submit the thesis to Chair first, who makes major edits and more refined version goes to other Committee members.  Hopefully many of theses are written up for publication.  Most students choose this option as it is often the most enjoyable aspect of degree program and allows you to become an "expert" in something that often helps transition you to chosen career.  So thesis has a point in assisting you as a stepping stone to what you want to do for career.

Plan B: Non-Thesis

H SEC 790 - Comprehensive Examination (generally actually a presentation of major project done by student).