Core Courses

HSEC 601: Seminar in Homeland Security FALL

HSEC 602: Homeland Security Science & Technology FALL

HSEC 603: Emergency Preparedness and Response SPRING

HSEC 604: Law, Society, and Homeland Security SPRING

HSEC Electives   (choose two)

HSEC 620: Seminar in Warfare and Homeland Security

HSEC 690: Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism FALL

HSEC 690: Ideology, Discourse and Conflict FALL

HSEC 690: Critical Infrastructure Protection SPRING

HSEC 690: Intel Analysis & Data Fusion SPRING

Study Abroad

Must purchase modestly-priced health and re-patriation insurance for all Study Abroad courses.

HSEC 650: Homeland Security Study Abroad

HSEC 797: Study Abroad to Baja California SPRING 2015
Weekend course with interaction with government, NGO, and military leaders

HSEC 797: Study Abroad (Other Countries)
Explore HSEC aspects of countries, borders, or means of transportation (cruise ships). By working with others we are building global solutions through the global community of HSEC partners and friends.


HSEC 695: Practicum in Homeland Security

HSEC 690: Variable Topics in Homeland Security

HSEC 790: Directed Readings (also for students doing Plan B)

HSEC 797: Independent Research in Homeland Security

HSEC 798: Thesis Research or Special Studies

Thesis / Project

HSEC 790: Thesis or Project (Plan B) (not published in library)

HSEC 799A: Thesis or Project (Plan A) (799B if more time needed)

Non-HSEC Electives   (choose two)

Any SDSU course 500+ (most common listed below). This links Homeland Security to rest of university and enhance the students' background from other undergraduate degrees in what makes up Homeland Security.

CJ 520: Prosecutorial Function

CJ 570: Organized Crime

EDTEC 600-799 (various topics)

EUROP 501: Europe and Terrorism

GEOL 600: Seminar in Natural Disasters & Global Trade

GEOL 505: Imaging and GIS in Disaster Response

GEOL 797: Independent Research for Seismic Safety Risk
for region of work or study, natural disasters

GEOG 600-799 (various topics)

JMS 590: Crisis Communication Project Management
(also Social Media classes)

MIS 691: Decision Support Systems

MIS 696: Scientific Inquiry and Business Research

MIS 755: IS Security Systems

MIS 752: Global Supply Chain Management

PH 601: Epidemiology

PH 620: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
(can also choose other Public Health courses and practical experience)

RWS 640: Research Methods in Rhetoric and Writing Studies

LATAM 550: US-Mexico Border Perspectives

Finance: Fraud Detection

Sociology 743: Crime and Justice Theory
(also classes in counter Human Trafficking)